The Tombs of the Nobles is located in the Theban Necropolis, near Luxor. They are the burial places of some of the powerful courtiers and persons of the ancient city. This ancient complex is made up of more than 400 tombs of Theban nobles and high officials from the New Kingdom.


The Tombs includes a number of distinct areas on the West Bank at modern Luxor (Ancient Thebes). And also there is an area known as el-Tarif in the north side, where large, row tombs were dug during the late Second Intermediate Period and early Middle Kingdom. At the north of el-Tarif, there is a hillside with about 80 numbered tombs most belonging to priests and officials of the 17th through 20th dynasty, which is called Dra Abu el-Naga. Just southwest of Dra Abu el-Naga, there is an area that is called El-Assasif, where there are 40 tombs, mostly from the New Kingdom and later. And to the south of El-Assasif is El-Khokha, there is a hill with five Old Kingdom tombs and 53 numbered tombs from the 18th and 19th dynasty.

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Tombs of The               Nobles