The Solar Boat Museum is located on the southern side of the Great Pyramids of Giza, this amazing attraction was first discovered by the architect Kamal el-Mallakh. During 1982 a museum was built specially for this ship, which was certainly built for the Egyptian Pharaoh King Khufu, and it was opened for public at the Giza plateau. This Solar Boat is considered the largest ancient boat in the world.


In ancient times the Egyptians used to believe that in the afterlife the dead king would join the Gods to the underworld using his specially made Solar Boat, which was totally broken to over 1000 small pieces, as result to this a number of archaeologists spent almost 14 years rebuilding the boat. It is worth mentioning that the Solar Boat is about 40 meters long, 5.9 meters wide and 400 tons and now it exists beside the Great Pyramid at The Solar Boat Museum. 

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