The Roman Theater is a remarkable relic of its type in Egypt, because it is the only remaining roman theater in Egypt. This unique monument was built in Alexandria in Kom El-Dekka area almost in 2nd or the 3rd century. This Theater was discovered by accident via a polish expedition while they were trying to remove the remains of the Napoleonic fort. 


The design of the structure faced some major changes across the history as it was built as a semi circle structure firstly, and it is main diameter was 42meters and It consisted of main auditorium with steps for the audiences which were made out of marble, in addition to place for the orchestra. Later on approximately in the 3rd century the outer façade of the building collapsed so they changed the measurements of the diameter to be 33.5 meters and reduced the number of the steps to be 16 step as the original number of the steps remained anonymous. 


Another major change has taken place in the 6th century which was converting it from being theater into a closed religious hall, so again the number of the steps was reduced to be 13 but the diameter remained the same so this changed caused accordingly a change in the shape from half-circle to be semi –circled shape, and the whole building was covered after that with a dome but this dome was collapsed later on as it was not part of the main structure.  


The theater is still one of the most important remains of the roman period in Egypt because it is still very well preserved even with its marble layers. 

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