The Mosque of Sultan Barsbay is located on the corner of Nahasiyeen and Muski streets in Khan El Khalili, Cairo, Egypt. It was built by the Mamluk Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf-ad-Din Barsbay. The mosque was completed in 1425 with funds from the spice trade which had been monopolised by the sultan through a process of nationalisation. the island of Cyprus.


This mosque is a part of Sultan Barsbay complex with a mossoleum, Sabil Kuttab and madrassa, Sultan Barsbay himself was buried in the north cemetery of Cairo. The mosque is built above street level and so is another example of a Mamluk hanging mosque. Due to space constraints the inner and outer walls of the mosque are of varying thickness to give the outer appearance of a straight edged square structure where the ground space available wouldn't have allowed so otherwise.


People call this mosque many different names such as Sultan al-Ashraf Barsbay mosque, Mosque/Madrasa/Khanqah of Ashraf Barsbay, Sabil/Kuttab and Mausoleum complex of Sultan al-Ashraf Barsbay, Funerary Complex of Sultan al Ashraf Barsbay at Suq al Nahhasin and Musk. The mosque consists of a square area with an open court (sahn) in the center, which is surrounded by four porticos or open fronted halls, the largest of which is the portico in the direction of prayer, which is formed of three aisles.

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