The lighthouse is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and also the 2nd tallest building existed after the Great Pyramid of Cheops, however the original structure no longer exists after suffering from three earthquakes but apparently it is a great structure because it was the first lighthouse to be constructed all over the world and the building was standing for ages till passing by the last earthquake. The lighthouse was constructed in Pharos Island that is why the name got developed later on and it was called the Pharos of Alexandria. 


The main building was constructed by the order of the 1st king of the Ptolemic period, Ptolemy the Soter and was completed by his son Ptolemy Phialdelphus. The building was designed by Sostratus as he carved his name in the building because he was proud of his work but it was obvious that Ptolemy Phialdelphus rejected that and only wanted his name to be carved on it, so Sostratus was smart enough to record his work and he carved his name under the plaster layer which bears the Ptolemy’s name, so by the time, after the plaster layer fallen off, only the name of Sostratus was remaining. 


The structure consisted of different floors, the 1st floor was square in shape and measured 100 feet and 240 feet in high, this part of the building was the main base of the structure because it was facing the strong waves of the sea, so it was built for protecting the rest of the massive building, then the 2nd floor was octagon-shaped center level, after that a circular level was on the top of the structure. At the peak of the lighthouse (4th floor)  was a mirror that reflected the light of the sun at day, and a fire was lit each evening and the lights used to show the harbor for the ships especially by the night and it was shown in a distance of 100 Miles away from the harbor. 


However, the building was strongly standing till the 14th century but at the end it was damaged as it suffered from three earthquakes, but the quality of the building was perfect, that’s why the remains of its stones were used for building other great structure in Alexandria standing till the moment which is the Citadel of Quaitbay. 

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