The Graeco-Roman Museum 

Located in Alexandria, the Greco-Roman Museum was established in 1893, inaugurated by Khedive Abbas Hilmi II to commemorate the Greco-Roman era. The museum houses some of the handmade manufactures of the Greco-Roman times, especially a group of currencies. Most of the Archaeological collections in the museum dates back to the period from the third century BC. to the seventh century AD. all of them were classified and organized in 27 rooms containing about 50 thousand pieces.

The most famous statues in the museum:

• A Mummy from the Roman era with a picture of the deceased in color from Fayoum.

• White marble head of a Julius Caesar.

• Marble head of Alexander the Great.

The museum also has some Pharaonic monuments, as it contains a rare collection, such as the statues of (Altanagra), which are statues of women reflect the activity of women in the community of Alexandria, the museum also contains a rare collection of currencies and anumber of large sculptures such as Abis The Bull and a statue of Marcus Aurelius and the statue of Serapis of marble.

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