Bent Pyramid:

Dahshur is located in the southern area of Memphis necropolis, and contains a number of monuments and pyramids. It was a necropolis since the fourth family, where King Sneferu built two of his three pyramids, which are the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid.


The Bent Pyramid represents the penultimate stage of the development phases of the royal cemetery reaching the full pyramid shape. The Pyramid is located at a distance of kilometers south of the North Pyramid, therefore called The South Pyramid. It is built of local limestone and has a cover of white limestone.


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This unique pyramid is characterized by its two separate entrances, the first is located in the middle of the northern side and leads to a room carved into the rock below the ground level known as the lower chamber, while the second entrance is located on the western side and leads to another room carved on the ground level and known as the upper chamber, also there is a narrow corridor connecting these two chambers. 


The Pyramid is square based and the length of each side of its ribs is 188.60 meters and a height of 101.15 meters with an angel of inclination of 54 degrees to a height of 49 meters and then changed to 43 degrees, and this is the main reason why its shape is unusual and for which it dubbed The Bent Pyramid. 

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