Temple of Nefertari is the smallest temple at Abu Simbel, it is dedicated to Ramses II's wife, Nefertari. Although she was not his sole wife, she was the best beloved. In addition, Nefertari is situated to the north of the main temple of Ramses II, the temple is dedicated to Hathor, goddess of love, joy, music and motherhood. She is represented on the facade of this temple as large as her husband, she is one of the best known Egyptian queens, next to Cleopatra, Nefertiti and Hatshepsut.


The sloping facade of the Temple of Nafertari has three recessed areas on each side of a central doorway, it is dominated with six colossi, four represent Ramses II and two for Nefertari, the statues are 33 feet in height. Thetemple of Nefertari has a single pillared court, with a sanctuary, the pillars have Hathoric capitals, scenes represents Ramses II smiting his foe, offering in front of gods, accompanied by Nefertari.

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Nefertari Temple