St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral is the seat of the Coptic Orthodox Church, The cathedral includes seven churches of which some have a great historical values such as Anba Rouis' Church, the famous civil engineer Michel Bakhoum supported in its structural design, it has a capacity for 5,000 worshipers, it is located in Abbasyia district, Cairo, Egypt.


When we asked about the style of the Cathedral, it showed the purely Coptic style, St. Mark built it to be modernizing. “We have our Coptic Church style for generations and we will build upon it.” According to the portrait of Jesus when he said “why should we need international artists, Egypt has the talents we need. Jesus will be painted by our artists and he will have our features.” 


He added “Arab hands only will build this church with its mashrabeyyas (wood work), painted glass, murals, mosaics… these are skills developed together by Muslims and Christians throughout our history and we aim to preserve them. All the materials for the new building will be local and nothing will be imported.”

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