Simon the tanner Church is a wonderful church known as St. simon the tanner Church or Samaan El Kharraz Church, It's one of six churches that were discovered inside El Mukaatam Mountain in Cairo, Spectacular colored carvings engraved in stone all over the mountain depict scenes of the bible, El Mukaatam Mountain was moved and this was the Miracle when the God and the intercession of Virgin Mary helped St. simon the tanner.


The Church of St. simon the tanner is huge from inside and very deep, it can easily seat thousands, The benches in the Church are made of big slaps of polished stone covered with carpets, The Church from inside looks like a huge amphitheatre, The man who has carved all those verses and the pictures on the rocks is either from Italy or Portugal, he was married from a Coptic woman.



The Monastery in Moqattam consists of 3 sets of caves, The largest one is designed to be able to contain 10,000 people, the middle-sized on around 2,000 and the smallest around 200, In 1979 a cave, which is now the St. Mark's Church and St. Simon Hall, it was discovered after many years of arduous work, it contains tons of rocks reaching a height of 17 meters.



According to this time, Egypt was ruled by the Fatimid Caliph Al-Mu'izz Li-Dinillah, While the Coptic church was under the direction of Anba Abram, St. Simon worked in one of the crafts widespread in Babylon (Hanging Churchin Old Cairo) which was tanning, a craft still known there till this day. This profession involved also other crafts that depend on the process, Because of that he carried several titles including St Simon the Tanner, the Shoemaker. 

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