Sehel Island is a Nubian and an open museum, located in the Nile, about 2 miles (3.2 km) southwest of Aswan bordered to the West by “West Sehel Village” and from the East by “Naga El Mahata Village”.  This Nubian Island is famous for its Pharaonic antiquities also there are many important characters came out this Island.


In Sehel Island you will find out many useful thing about the Nubian culture, as it is contains many religious monuments made by the ancient Egyptians, who used to extract the famous Aswan granite from the Island, where they worshiped the goddess of water, Onukit. The island was known in ancients as Setet, and there are many archaeological sites, including sacred places, such as the temple of Anuket.


You can visit such a wonderful place during Nubian Village Trip from Aswan and Learn all about the Nubian simple lifestyle in addition to more information about the building of Aswan High Dam. 

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