Royal Jewelry Museum is one of the largest museums in Egypt with a surface area of around 4185 meters. It is located exactly in the neighborhood of Zizenia in the city of Alexandria. It was once the palace of Fatma el-Zahara and is an architectural masterpiece, Moreover, the Royal Jewelry Museum hosts the most valuable displays including the jewelry and the ornaments that the queens and the princesses of the last royal family of Egypt have wore for a considerable period of time.


The displays within the Museum go back to the period when Mohamed Ali Pasha became the Khedive of Egypt in 1805. The committee that was specified to establish the Royal Jewelry Museum was attracted to the Palace of Princess Fatema El Zahraa, the daughter of Prince Haidar Fadel.


The Royal Jewelry Museum has more than 11 thousand displays that include the collection of Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik that consists of 12 cups that were made out of bronze and gold, 2753 lobes of precious stones and diamonds, and a money bag made out of gold and other valuable precious stones. Moreover, the priceless collection of Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfik has the marvelous Sultan pocket watch that was made out of pure gold and precious stones and a number of glass cups that are decorated with 977 lobes of diamonds.

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