The Temple of Ras El Soda was discovered by chance in 1936 in the region of  Sidi Bishr in Alexandria, located in a modern residential area facing a difficult environmental conditions of underground water and sanitation. That’s why the Supreme Council of Antiquities SCA decided to transfer of the temple in 1995 to a higher position within the area of the cemetery of the Latins in downtown Alexandria in front of the Police Department at El Horiya Street. The process of rebuilding the Temple took six months, but the remaining part now isn’t a temple but a small structure.


First floor:


The temple consists of two floors, the bottom level devoted to the worship while the upper is devoted to the accommodation for the priests of the temple, that’s why this Temple considered a unique temple among other Greek temples in Egypt


Second floor:


The second floor Can be reached via a narrow staircase in the eastern wall of the temple, Consists of two rooms similar to those in the first floor, which indicates that they were built during the same era and not and not Added to the temple during later eras.

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