The Pyramid of Unas is located in the area of Sakkara Pyramid, this pyramid was built by Unas, the last king of the Fifth Dynasty, and was known then as the beautiful places of Unas, but unfortunately it’s now ruined and does not look like a royal pyramid.


The importance of this pyramid goes back to the fact that it was the first pyramid to include internal inscriptions. The vestibule leads bearish rise about one meter and four-tenths of a meter, to the inside of the pyramid and opens onto the lounge lead to another vestibule contains remains of three blocks of granite that once closed the corridor.


This is followed by the first chamber, where a small hole leading to a rectangular room with three louvers is likely to have been used to save the statues of Elka. On the opposite wall there is a corridor leading to the burial chamber at the end of which there is great royal coffin.


The ceiling in the two chambers decorated with pentagonal stars of the sky of Egypt. The walls are covered with hieroglyphic texts, which were originally blue and were known as texts of the pyramids includes magic spells that allows the deceased to overcome the forces of evil and pass the dangers in the afterlife.

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