When archeologists working at karnak have found stones from earlier buildings re-used in later walls and pylons, they have removed and catalogued the blocks and stored them in open fields within the central enclosure. A few decades ago, a number of these blocks were gathered together and the buildings from which they came were reconstructed. They were placed in what is now called the Open-Air Museum in the northwest corner of the Karnak’s central enclosure. The Open-Air Museum is a lovely and tranquil place, filled with mature trees, stone footpaths, and some of the most beautiful monuments ever to come from the Temple of Amen.


The number of monuments displayed here is growing rapidly: In 1999, there were only three structures and a small collection of statues and loose blocks; today, there are four way-stations, several huge temple walls, storage chambers, statues and hundreds of blocks from still-unreconstructed and many other buildings. These monuments are of such interest that the museum should be visited by every tourist who comes to Thebes.

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