Om Kalthoum Museum is dedicated to the Egyptian famous singer Om Kalthoum, It has all sorts of things that belonged to her, dresses, shoes, jewelry, her music, notes, and personal journal. It is fascinating little museum where you can see some of her performance clothes inluding her trademark dark glasses and scarf and the original handwritten music to Leylet Hob as well as being able to documentary film footage of her funeral and concerts.

Om Kalthoum Museum was opened in 2001, it is also called Kawkab al-Sharq as she was famous by that name too, Om Kalthoum till now has the best selling records in the Arab world. Om Kalthoum has a unique place in the hearts of Egyptian people. Get into a taxi in Cairo and you are just as likely to hear an Om Kalthoum song as you are to hear the latest pop.

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