The Neferefre Pyramid is known as the Unfinished Pyramid in the pyramid field at Abusir. The Neferefre pyramid seems to have been hastily capped with pebbles and mud mortar on its flat top. It had a base measurement of 65m on each side but only the first step of the core had been completed at the king’s death, looking like a low mastaba and now rising only a few meters above the desert.


A number of early explorers, examined the Pyramid, they are Perring, Lepsius, de Morgan, Borchardt and others. Some of these explorers thought that it might be Neferefre's pyramid, others attributed it to Shepseskare. 


Abusir Pyramid of Neferefre is a pyramid field on the west bank of the Nile to the north of Saqqara where many of the Dynasty V pharaohs chose to site their burial monuments. 


Neferefre is the eldest son of Neferirkare and the fourth or fifth king of Dynasty V. Neferefre become to construct his pyramid complex next to that of his father, when he died after a reign of only a few years, probably in his early 20s.


When Neferefre’s funerary temple on the eastern side of the monument was discovered it revealed important papyri from the archive, providing much needed information as well as statuary of the king.

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