Mustafa Kamel Cemetery, which dates back to 250 B.C has been discovered by accident, when they were leveling the ground for making a football field. It is known as Mustafa Kamel cemetery because of its location in Mustafa Kamel area in Alexandria, those tombs are known because of their bright colors which are still well preserved till today. 


The cemetery of Mustafa Kamel contains 4 tombs carrying numbers from 1 to 4, tombs number one and two has been cut totally under the ground that is why they are in a good condition, however the other two tombs (3 and 4) has been cut partly under the ground, unfortunately those two tombs are badly damaged. 


Tomb (1)


This tomb is the most important tomb in the cemetery, because of its different features, this tomb contains water system and some unique fresco scenes. 


The design of the tomb is as follow, it has an entrance leads to a staircase, descends down to a court which has an altar, the outer walls of this court are decorated with engaged Doric columns. On the left hand side of the entrance there are three rooms, the middle room is the smallest among all of them and the water system is existing between the smallest tomb and the one on its right side. This water system was used to make the water fresh as it has been used either for drinking for the visitors of the tomb or for purification purposed for the priests. In the opposite of those three rooms there are other three rooms, the other three rooms are still retaining their original colors, the colors are either dotted red to imitate the granite or marbleized yellow to imitate the alabaster. On the left side, in front of the altar there are three subsidiary entrances,  each entrance is guarded by 2 sphinxes, most of these sphinxes are in a bad condition, above the middle entrance we will find the fresco scene still well preserved and it is represents horses which is unique also, because horses did not play any role in the ancient Egyptian’s believes or rituals.


The other three tombs are not in a good condition, however tomb number is slightly in a good condition, and it includes 2 mastabas, offering table, sarcophagus and a well, and for tombs 3 and 4 it is hard even to determine their design because of their bad conditions . 

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