The Pyramid of Sneferu is located 65 Km to the south of Sakkara. It was built by the last King of the 3rd Dynasty, King Huni. He built it in the style of a Step Pyramid, originally being 8 steps built on top of one another, King Huni had left his Pyramid unfinished, and his successor, King Snefru, finished the building for him, therefore latter generations thought it was the work of Snefru.


The Pyramid is also known as the Collapsed Pyramid because it looks from afar like a huge tower surrounded by a pile of rubble. The Pyramid was 93m high and built with a square base with sides measuring about 114m long. The entrance of the Pyramid was located almost 30m above ground level, in the northern face. It leads to a corridor that descends for 54m, which it is unique among all the other descending corridors, as you don't have to bend down inside it, unless you are really a tall person. You need a torch to light your way, as most of the lamps are broken. At the end of the corridor you will find a small chamber, roughly cut in the bedrock, exactly underneath the apex of the Pyramid, and at the end of this room you will find a wooden ladder that leads up to the burial chamber.

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