Mastaba of Mereruka is located at Sakkara, has the best colors of all the mastabas in the area. It is very large, its substructure is similar to a palace, has 32 rooms in total, 21 for Mereruka, 6 for his wife Watet-Khet-Hor. Mereruka served during the sixth dynasty of Egypt as one of Egypt's most powerful officials at a time when the influence of local state noblemen was increasing in wealth and power.


The first three chambers are painted with scenes of furniture making, hunting and goldsmith working. There is a sacrificial chamber at the far end of the mastaba with six pillars. There are dozens of hunting scenes inside, with many kinds of animals and fish, different antelopes and cattle are also shown. Mastaba of Mereruka is the largest and most elaborate of all the non-royal tombs in Sakkara with 33 rooms or chambers in total.

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