Malkata Palace, which also Know as Palace of Amenhotep III, its located on the west bank of the Nile River at Luxor, Egypt, Malkata Palace built by the 18th Dynasty pharaoh Amenhotep III, its surrounding with a lot of temples such as Isis Temple, Hatshepsut Temple.


Malkata palace consider one of the residential palaces, it consists of Amun Temple, Festival Hall, Houses for the relatives of the Royal Family, audience halls.



Malkata Palace was built in the 14th century BC; Construction began around year 11 of Amenhotep III reign and continued until the king moved around his year 29, once completed, it become the largest royal residence in Egypt.



Fragments of plastered wall paintings have given archaeologists a glimpse of how the palace was decorated, Various paintings of the goddess Nekhbet made up the ceiling of the royal bedchamber, The walls were decorated with scenes of wildlife - flowers, reeds, and animals in the marshes, as well as decorative geometric designs, complete with rosettes.



After Amenhotep III death, Malqata was ruled by Akhenaten, Amenhotep III's son and successor when he moved the capital to his new city at Amarna in order to break the corrupt influence of the powerful priests of the Temple of Amun. 

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