Luxor combines past and present associated with the modern era at the same time, there is no place in Luxor that not speaking of the impact of the greatness of the ancient Egyptians, visiting Luxor is a wonderful experience you should not miss while your stay in Egypt, as you can enjoy Luxor Tours to the famous Karnak and Luxor Temples, or you can visit the West Bank of Luxor.

Luxor Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in Egypt, although it is much smaller than the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but it contains many of the masterpieces of ancient Pharaonic art and dramatically expresses the Pharaonic civilization. Luxor Museum was designed along the lines of the Brooklyn Museum in the U.S.

The museum deserves a two hours deduction of your time while visiting Luxor to see the most important artifacts and statues of Pharaonic existing in it.

The most important thing inside the walls of the museum is a statue of Amenhotep III, which you will see when you exit from the museum.

Among the most fascinating museum exhibits a collection of artifacts that were within the tomb of King Tutankhamun also statues represent the era of the modern Kingdom found hidden near Luxor Temple of the year 1989. 

Also you will find royal mummies of King Ahmose I and King Ramses I, which added to museum's holdings in March 2004.

Akhenaten wall on the second floor of the museum is one of the most important things inside the museum, the wall is made of small blocks known as threes, which used before the by King Amenhotep III in the Temple of Karnak. And after his death these blocks has been compiled Configuring paintings that show the king along with his wife.

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Luxor Museum Guided Tour