Memphis and Saqqara Tour
Memphis and Saqqara Tour

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Sunset Camel Ride at The Pyramids
Sunset Camel Ride at The Pyramids

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Aswan Sightseeing
Aswan Sightseeing

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King Tut Exhibit
Luxor West bank Tour
Pyramids and Sphinx Tour
Nile Cruise Package
Alabaster mosque Cairo
Nile Cruise Package

Welcome everybody to Egyptomania.This website is specially created for Egyptomania fans and those who dream of having a top quality vacation in Egypt.

our college highly trained professional tour guides are your "go to" experts for Egyptian Tours. We offer both private personalized tours,

as well as group tours to the Pyramids of Giza, Mount Sinai, learning about Ancient Egypt, visiting famous tourist sites like Luxor's Karnak Temple, The Great Sphinx, Valley of the Kings, Egyptian historic sites, and learning Egyptian Culture. Tours available to all Seven Egyptian UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


We will give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to explore Egypt through the eyes of Egyptian experts who know first hand the culture, customs and history of ancient Egypt. So pack your bags, board a flight to Egypt and we will take care of the rest. We can arrange a pampered tour or help you enjoy a rugged adventure of our most rugged countryside.


You will enjoy in-depth lectures for all sites, interact directly with the Egyptian people, and feel the warmth and hospitality of the grandsons of the pharaohs. You will be especially cared for and you will never be left alone or feel unsafe .

Book now and let our team of expert Egyptian tour guides show you Egypt from a unique perspective

Sunset Camel ride at the pyramids
Quandrunner trip at the pyramid

      Quad Runner

             60 $

Aswan Tour
Alexandria Tour
Memphis and Saqqara Tour

Our team of expert Egyptian Tour Guides will deliver top quality service which is our main value as a measure of success. We guarantee your total satisfaction. Our Expert Tour Guides make the difference between a good experience and a fantastic experience. Which would you rather have?


Egypt is different than any other country because of its unique and rich history, culture, and ancient biblical history. When you visit Egypt with Egyptomania, you will not just look at monuments and take some photos. Egyptomania Tour Guides will immerse you in the history of each artifact and monument. You will take more meaningful and amazing photos, that you will treasure for life to share with your children and grandchildren.


Our Egyptian Experts will help you to understand Egyptian History, culture and architectural achievements in a deeper and more meaningful way. Some tourists see stone monuments. We make those monuments come alive with the true Egyptian History behind the Ancient Monuments, the hidden meanings, and the secrets behind each piece of stone.


With Egyptomania tours, it will be as though you are exploring each ancient site and relic with your own live walking, talking encyclopedia. You will leave knowing the latest theories about the pyramids construction,

King Tutankhamon​`s death, and the riddle of the Sphinx. You will explore the inside of the pyramids with your own expert archaeologist, and visit the Royal mummies room. You will see where  the men of ancient Egypt wrote Egypt`s name in history using letters of gold. You will be introduced to the latest discoveries in the land of everlasting mysteries.

From the moment you arrive at any Egyptian airport, until your departure, Egyptomania Tours offers you the very best service. You are a top VIP to us and we will treat you as such. All of our excursions and tours are private, and in modern air-conditioned vans loaded with free mineral water and soft drinks.


Our drivers are very well-chosen and well trained for working with VIP's. Each driver has many years of experience driving our VIP tourist vans. Each guide is an expert on Egyptian tourism sites.


Our services are not limited to educational tours and excursions. For those who want more excitement and are into adventure tourism, we also offer hot air balloon rides in Luxor, sunrise or sunset camel rides at the pyramids that offer some of the most incredible and unique photo opportunities anywhere in the world. Or you can explore the Sahara desert in a quad runner.


Of course you will also want to experience shopping tours at local shops recognized and supervised by the Egyptian ministry of tourism. In these shops you will find authentic,hand-made souvenirs which can be purchased at a very reasonable price with no worries of being ripped-off. If any issue arises at all, our Expert Tour Guides will step in and resolve the issue.


We offer a no hassle service. No unexpected costs, or delays. No worry about forgetting to arrange anything. All entry tickets are covered, even the tickets to the inside of the great pyramid as well as the Royal mummies room at the National Egyptian museum are covered. This is one of the most favorite of all locations.


Lunch is served on every day tour and booked at 5 star local restaurants offering either Egyptian local food or international food. We recommend the Egyptian food. After all, when in Egypt eat like an Egyptian! But you are totally free to choose whatever appeals more to you, Accommodations are always in 5 star hotels at the pyramids area, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the pyramids from the balcony of your room. 


Egyptomania will totally spoil you, and treat you like Royalty. You may not even want to leave. That's OK too.

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