The Gayer-Anderson Museum is located within the range of Islamic monuments in the region, including theMosque of Ibn Tulun, which date back to the third century AH – the ninth AD. Gayer-Anderson Museum consists of two houses each with its own private yard. The first house built in 1632. The second house was built in 1540.


The Department of Egyptian Antiquities renovated these two houses, also the Egyptian government allowed Major Gayer-Anderson, a retired doctor in the British Army, to reside at the house, as he promised that he will fill the house with his huge archaeological collection that he had acquired over 20 years, and recommended that these artifacts to remain in the houses, which will be converted to a museum if he died or left the house. 


Gayer Anderson died in 1945 and left a large group of artifacts to Egyptian nation. Also he gave some important Archaeological artifacts to other foreign museums.

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