EL Manasterly Palace locates in El-Rodah Island in El-Manial District in Cairo and next to the palace are located the Nilometer and Om kalthom Museum, the location is considered a strategic location in Cairo because it is in the middle of the Capital of Egypt.


The palace was built by Hassan Fouad Pasha El-Manasterly in 1850 who was the first person to carry the title of Governor of Cairo while Saied Pasha was ruling Egypt, the Manasterly Pasha died in 1858, and he held other many titles such as the representative in the Ministry of Interior and then supervisor of the Ministry of Interior.  


The palace is famous with its beautiful decorative style, the Ceilings of the palace are internally covered with plaster and colored ornaments, and the floor for 2 halls in the palace has been covered with marble.


The Egyptian Government controlled the building later on and now it is an International Music center where a lot of important musical events are been held. 

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