El Ghuri Mosque is built from stone and its principle, eastern, façade includes an elevated portal, accessed by means of a staircase, and which has shops below it. This mode amongst mosque designs is called a 'suspended mosque'. The building is located on al-Muizz li Din Allah Street. Its eastern façade faces the mausoleum and the sabil that are associated with the same sponsor.


It was constructed by Sultan El Ghouri, Sultan El Ghouri was a Mamluk of a Circassian origin, and he ascended to the throne in 1501 during the Burgi Dynasty. The main facade of the funerary compound is paneled with recesses crowned with a rectangular muqarans crest, including windows of various shapes. The columns at the corner of the Mosque have capitals of Coptic and Byzantine styles, indicating that the Mamluk craftsmen were imitating pre-Islamic designs.

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