1-  One full day tour at Giza plateau where the pyramids of Cheops,Chephren and Micirinus will be explored in full details plus an in-depth mummification lecture at the valley temple and another lecture about the Sphinx and its latest theories.

2- One full day tour at the National Egyptian museum to stare at King Tut treasures and lecture about the discovery of his tomb, Howard Carter notes and King Tut death in addition to paying a visit to the Royal mummies room and visiting the unique collection of the old ,middle and new kingdom.

3- one full day tour at Coptic and Islamic Cairo visiting Mohamed Ali Pasha alabaster mosque and a detailed lecture about the mosque and Islam  history in Egypt then visit Coptic Cairo and enjoy your expert guide`s lecture about the hanging church ,Saint Serge church and bin Ezra Jewish synagogue.

4- Full day tour at Karnak Temples where more than 32 Kings and Queens dedicated their effort to adding some of their structures on a specific piece of land " the most selected land " known today as Karnak complex ,it is the achievement of 2000 year work with its characteristic pylons, columns, obelisk and sacred lake. ​

5- Full day tour to the west bank of Luxor to visit valley of the Kings with its 62 tombs all rock cut and gaze at Egypt`s most vivid colors on the tomb walls and listen to your expert Egyptologist while explaining the life time consuming steps in make one king`s tomb in such isolated valley ,Then pay a visit to Queen Hatshepsut  mortuary temple ,which is considered the most preserved funerary temple in the west bank of Thebes.

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Educational  Tour