The Barons Hindu Palace remains the subject of countless legend. From time to time new rumors spread about this palace which has been deserted for many years, It’s haunted by stray dogs, bats, and others believe by ghosts.


The palace was designed by French architect Alexander Marcel and decorated by Georges Louis Claude, Inspired by the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, it was built between 1907 and 1911, The Palace is located in one of the elite suburbs near the presidential Palace and is founded over a rotating base which rotates the palace to access sun beam in all directions. It is a distinctive work of art of construction.



The Palace established by Baron-General Edouard Louis Joseph Empain (1852-1929). Empain had business interests in Indonesia and in time became a famous amateur Egyptologist, He arrived in Egypt during 1904, intending to save one of his Belgian companies, which was the establishment of a railway line linking Matariya to Port Said.



However, instead of cutting his losses and return home, He claimed that he had fallen madly in love with the Desert, then he came up with the idea of acquiring low cost land and using it to build a residential area linked to Cairo by public transportation, He built the Heliopolis town in the following year, the new city also represented the first large scale attempt to modern Arab style, known in its own day as the "Moorish style".



For its own home, Empain brought the best artists and sculptors from Indonesia for its construction of the palace. The Palace was surrendered by other neighborhood, to his left the Avenue Baron was the Arabesque palace, which is now military Headquarters, Today, The palace become presidential guest house.



Baron Palace consists of two floors with two additional subterranean floors. The underground floors contain a family mausoleum, a kitchen and the servant's room. There are two elevators and even a tunnel that connects with the nearby church built by the Baron.



As guests feedback about the palace the terraces on their way to the grand steps leading into the awesome palace foyer, they felt as though some mythical Deus was watching from the palace's interior. These theatrics endless pleased to Baron.



The Palace will be more unbelievable than the one about the priceless architectural treasure left to decay and crumble in full view of every minister, VIP, tourist and other air passenger as they motor up the airport road on their way in or out of Cairo.

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