The Fatimid Cemetery in Aswan is one of the most important Islamic monuments dating back to the stages of the Islamic conquest of Egypt in 21 A.H. these tombs are unique in its Architectural style dated back to the first century A.H.


These tombs were built during the Arab conquest of Egypt and took place in Aswan, where was the focus of attention and the southern gateway to Egypt, and because the climate is similar to the climate of the Arabian Peninsula in addition to the frequent wars between Arab conquerors and the Nubian tribes that resulted a large number of victims that buried in the same place.


The Fatimid Cemetery are divided into two areas, the marine tombs located in “Anani” area in Aswan and the tribal tombs located in El Sadat Road, there was only one cemetery and with the entry of Urbanism it was divided into two blocks, and it is considered the oldest witness of Islamic history in Egypt.

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