The Alexandria National Museum was a palace belongs to a wealthy Wood merchant, Asaad Basile, who built this Italian-style palace and lived in it until 1954, and then it was sold to U.S. embassy for 53 thousand pounds. This palace remained the headquarters of the U.S. Consulate until the Supreme Council of Antiquities under the Ministry Culture bought it in 1996 for 12 million Egyptian pounds, then it was restored and renovated and converted into a museum at the beginning of the third millennium.

The Alexandria National Museum contains 1,800 relics from the Old to the modern era showing Egypt's civilization, culture, arts and industries during these ages. This artifacts was brought from several museums, including theEgyptian Museum and the Islamic Museum and Coptic Museum in Cairo and the Greco-Roman Museum and the sunken relics and Islamic antiquities in Alexandria.

Thus, one can enter into Egyptian history and the history of Alexandria and live the most beautiful moments through the rare collections in the Museum that dates back to different eras. 

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