Alexander was born in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia, the son of King Philip II, king of Macedonia, and son of Queen Olimbas, Princess of Epirus. Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander, as he gave him a significant training in rhetoric and literature.

 In the summer of 336 BC. AD. His father was assassinated, and Alexander ascended the throne. He found himself surrounded by enemies in his own country, and rebel threats from abroad but he managed to get rid of them all by death penalty.

Before the end of this summer, Alexander settled in Greece and was elected by the legislature in Corinthians. Alexander invaded Gaza then Egypt, where he was welcomed as a savior! And with these victories he managed to control all countries around the eastern Mediterranean. Then, in 332 BC he founded the city of Alexandria at the end of the Nile River, which then became the center of cultural, scientific and commercial of the Greek world.

Invasions and victories continued on dozens of countries, until the Macedonians themselves began to rebel!  That was in September in 325 BC. Alexander spent about a year later in the reorganization of his troops, and to end his conquests.

Alexander has been a great leader, with a large ability of planning with in leadership and performance, he was usually brave and generous, but cruel and merciless at other times.  

Many cities were named after him “Alexandria" (about 44 cities), and he took good care of those cities in terms of paving and drinking water. The Greek culture and language have spread in those cities, thus Greek civilization increased and prepared the way for the Hellenic civilization, and invasions of the Roman Empire.

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