Al Guyushi Mosque, Cairo, Egypt, is one of the oldest Muslim sites in Egypt, it is located on the Muqattam hills, it is built on a rectangular surface, it is also divided into two sections, a court and a prayer house, the prayer hall contains two aisles, each Aisle includes three tiles, El Mihrab is covered with a cupola and it is pointed to the direction of Mecca. The mosque was established by Emir Badr El-Gamaly who was a prominent Fatimid Wazir and great ruler of Egypt in the period from1074 to 1094 and who restored Cairo defenses.


Al-Guyushi Mosque stands on the edge of the Muqattam and overlooks the Citadel of Salah Eldein. It is the first landmark to be seen, when one looks towards the east of Cairo. What confuses us about this mosque is that, people call it a mosque, but there is an inscription on a foundation above the entrance of the mosque that says it is a shrine, however, no one is known to be buried there. This mausoleum is very significant because it is the first building that contains a mosque and a mausoleum and at the same time plays a military role. It is also the first stone mosque in Cairo.

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