Abydos is one of the most ancient cities of Upper Egypt. It is located about 300 miles south of Cairo, about 135 kilometers from Luxor, on the western side of the Nile. The earliest kings of Egypt, including those from the first dynasty of Egypt’s history (3000-2890 B.C.), appear to have been buried at Abydos.

The City contains archaeological remains from all periods of ancient Egyptian history. Within the temple, there is a hall known as The Hall of Osiris, this hall was used during the Christian period who took this place as a refuge to protect themselves from the Roman persecution that is why parts of the scenes are destroyed. The ruins of Abydos cover an area approximately 6 kilometers from north to south and 3 kilometers from west to east and it is considered as one of the most important archaeological sites.The Egyptians believed that the mouth of the canyon at Abydos is the entrance to the underworld. 

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Abydos Temple