Abdeen Palace, the most famous Egyptian palaces and witnessed a lot of events since the monarchy until the emergence of modern Cairo. The palace is considered rare historical masterpiece, which led to making it a museum reflecting the important events since the royal era until the revolution of July 1952. Many people ar interested in visiting the Palace as it is one of the most important and famous palaces constructed during the rule of Mohammed Ali Pasha of Egypt, as it was the headquarters of government from 1872 until 1952.


The Abdeen Palace contains halls and Lounges that used to welcome the official delegations during its visit to Egypt, also there is a library in the Palace containing nearly 55 thousand books. The Palace contains also a theater featuring hundreds of gilded chairs now used in the presentation of theatrical performances for visitors and guests.


There are many suites inside the palace, such as the Belgian Suite which is designed for Egypt’s VIP guests, it is called the Belgian Suite because the king of Belgium was the first to stay in it, and this suite includes a bed, which is one of the rare artifacts due to its decorations and hand drawings.


The Palace contains a very rich museum as all sons and grandsons of Khedive Ismail, who ruled Egypt after him were fond of the Palace. The museum has been restored architecturally and technically, these renovations includes the weapons Museum displaying its contents in the latest methods of presentation in addition to adding a hall to the Museum to view various weapons received by the presidents of Egypt from the various national authorities.

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